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Event Dates: (Aug. 31st - Sept. 22nd)

The Year of Prayer Tagline
Priests Mass

Since 1993

Imagine the possibilities...

...Imagine the possibilities when one, Holy, Catholic and apostolic Church comes together and moves as one body to fulfill its commission to save souls in season and out of season.

The ground is set to shake like never before as all Catholic laity, in solidarity with our priests and religious, unite to add the winning chapter to the storied history of Catholicism in our great country.

The Catholic Church has too long deferred the shaping of moral norms and ethics in our society to other voices at a very high cost. Marked by humility and from ashes to ashes, the first marching order is to pray throughout the declared year to bring about reparation, renewal and the modern rise of the Catholic Church.

"Can I have FIVE minutes of your time?"

God -

Since 1993

Campaign Summary

To compete for hearts and minds, it seems the Church can benefit from better message discipline and unity sooner rather than later if it is to optimize its effectiveness. A Church divided will not stand; and if it does not stand, it will not fulfill its mission. To do this, we rely on the revelation that One God is expressed in the reality of Three persons which says that unity is the ultimate goal of God. Interestingly, the answer is often One in God’s math…

  • One man + One woman = One Marriage
  • One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism (St. Paul)
  • Many gifts but One spirit (St. Paul)
  • Many parts but One body (St. Paul)
  • Three persons, One God (Trinity)

Unity is a gift that must be received and lived by the members of the Church, who, as St. Paul tells us, are called to be one with their head (Col 1:18).

Carmel Mission Altar

"Will you seek my consolation and guidance in prayer?"

- God -

Are you ready to take the pledge?

The best time to start praying is yesterday. The second best time to is right now. To support our mission of prayer, please consider making a donation to help fund our operations.

As California Goes, So Goes the Nation...